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1. Keep the surfer happy. No tricks! We want them to come back again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after, and...
2. Babes In Boots lists galleries of hot babes wearing sexy high heel boots. Boots should be clearly visible in half or more of the images.
NO hiking boots, NO combat boots, NO cowboy boots, NO riding boots, NO Uggs, NO rubber waders.
3. Image galleries: 10 pics min., 20 max. 900 pixel min. on longest side. Movie galleries 3 movie min., 10 max., min. total of 60 seconds of video.
4. No popups, blind links, redirects, dialers, javascript, etc. (See rule #1) These things will get your gallery rejected and can get you blacklisted. Also, entrance consoles or overly obnoxious consoles anywhere on the sponsor's tour will get your submission rejected.
5. Don't change your gallery after it has been listed. If there's a problem, email me, I'm a reasonable guy.
6. You may only submit galleries that contain content that you hold the legal right to use. Using stolen content, or content from a different sponsor than the one you are promoting will get you blacklisted.
7. Resubmitted content will no longer be listed. Overused content that I've seen too many times before will get rejected even if it's the first time you've submitted it. Don't waste my time submitting copies of sponsor hosted galleries.

8. Description: Just use the model's name(s). It will appear as a caption under the thumb.

9. No galleries with content implying underage status of models will be listed. This includes, but is not limited to, sites that target a 'borderline underage' audience. If the models appear to be too young or are marketed to be too young for porn then your gallery will not get listed. This includes legal non-nude under-eighteen models. This type of content is not welcome. Do not submit these types of sites.
10. No Sexually Explicit content on your uploaded Thumbnail. Your gallery may contain Sexually Explicit content, but the featured thumb may not. Nudity is OK, but no penitration, oral to genital, or genital to genital contact. If your gallery contains this content then don't let the script auto-select the thumbnail. Submit a quality thumb image, it will increase the number of clicks to your gallery.
11. Galleries that promote sponsors that I'm promoting heavily myself will probably not get listed. (see the Featured Boot Babes at the top of the main page).
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